Contract Manufacturing Services

Welcome to Excelsior Alchemy

Thank you for your interest in having your Dietary Supplement Manufactured by Excelsior Alchemy. It is an honor to serve you in creating your product.

Excelsior Alchemy, located in Tempe, Arizona, USA is a Dietary Supplement manufacturing contractor following cGMP FDA regulations. We are registered and inspected by the Food and Drug Administration. We are 3rd party audited biannually by NSF.

The facility is also Vegan (i.e. No Animal Products or by Products), Kosher, GMO-Free, Gluten Free and Organic.

We are very selective regarding our vendors and our customers to ensure that only the highest quality products possible are made in our facility. As you are reading this I know that you are seeking the same high quality expectations from your manufacturer.

More details regarding our quality standards and regulatory compliance can be found at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

  • 100 Kilogram Batch with one of the following options
    • 100 Kilograms Bulk Powder
    • 100 Kilos bulk bottled+
    • 200,000 veggie capsules
  • Single Ingredients Bagged/Bottled
    • 100 Units

+ The size of your product will dictate the number of bottles.

What are my Packaging Options?


  • Amber Glass Bottles (66 cc to 1250 cc available, approx. 20 grams to 500 grams) *
  • Metal Lids with Plastisol Lined Seal
  • Label Printing*
  • Neck Seals
  • Oxygen Absorbers
  • Certificate of Analysis

* We highly recommend amber glass for best product stability. Upon request we can source PET plastic and PET 100% Recycled amber plastic bottles with heat seal lids. We always have stock of Amber glass so PET will not lower the finished product price, but may reduce your shipping costs. PET may also shorten the expiration/shelf life of the product.

Omnidegradable Kraft Bags

Omnidegradable®, flexible packaging will decompose when – and only when – they come into contact with microbes – microbes that are present in landfills, fresh and salt water (the Ocean) and regular soil.


  • 100 kilogram in 20 kilogram bags
  • Double bagged in cardboard boxes
  • Certificate of Analysis

Raw Materials

  • 20-25 kilos (depending on OEM packaging)
  • Certificate of Analysis

* FDA Compliant label art to be provided by the customer. Please have your label reviewed and approved by a label compliance expert. We can send a recommendation if required. Label size specs will be provided by Excelsior. You may also provide your own pre-printed label per our specifications.

What testing is provided?

  • 1-2 Kilogram Pilot/Sample Batch: Heavy metals, microbiology, identity, assay (plus fill amount for capsules) will be provided for customer approval. Please provide your detailed specifications/requirements at time of pilot order.
  • Finished Product: Heavy metals, microbiology, identity, assay will be provided with a Certificate of Analysis with every order.
  • Nutritional Analysis after pilot is approved by the customer is included and takes 10-days for results to verify your Supplement or Nutritional fact label claims.
  • Annual Pesticide, GMO, and Irradiation testing on finished product. (extra fees apply)
  • Gluten Testing for every order for Purity
  • One basic assay for every order for Strength
  • 3-year expiration date for Botanicals and Botanical Extracts. Some claims, ingredients, or non-Amber glass packaging may require additional stability studies.

Additional Testing

  • Additional testing requested will be assessed at time of request.
  • If you make any nutritional claims beyond the standard analysis listed above on your label this will require additional test costs.

What do you require from me as your customer?

  • Formula*
  • Pilot/ Test batch – $300 at time of Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order for Pilot
  • Purchase Order for Build
  • Payment – 50% down at time of order, 50% on receipt

* We do not provide formulation services. We will review the formula to see that it complies with our standards. Ingredients used must be added at significant levels i.e. no fairy dusting or > 30 ingredient formulas. While we do not offer formulation services we are still a partner and will be happy to make suggestions for improvements or pricing reasons.

What Ingredients do you have available? What if I want other ingredients?

We have a pre-approved list of 135 botanical and botanical extract ingredients that we keep in inventory at all times. The ingredient list can be found here: These ingredients are sourced from all over the world and quality tested by Excelsior and 3rd Party ISO Certified Labs.

These ingredients have been approved through our comprehensive vendor qualification program from select suppliers.

Add an ingredient not on our pre-approved list- $1000 / ingredient + estimated 4-week lead time. Note we only use 100% plant based botanical and botanical extracts. No isolates, animal products, synthetic flow agents, chemicals, stimulants, banned herbs, or pharmaceuticals.

Can you provide me with a quote?

Once you submit your approved formula quote will be provided within 48-hours providing you use ingredients and components from our pre-approved list. Quote will be valid for 30-days.

What is my Lead Time

– Pilot Batch can be completed within 2-Weeks using approved ingredients or after new ingredients/ vendors have been tested and approved.
– Finished Product requires a 6-8 weeks lead time after final pilot is approved and nutritional analysis reported.

Prop 65 Compliance

Many of Excelsior ingredients are wild crafted and organic meaning they may not be compliant with California Prop 65 regarding Heavy Metals (specifically Lead) which states that anything shipped to a California Customer with more than 0.5 mcg/ serving lead requires a prop 65 warning. All natural products gown in soil contain some trace amounts of lead unless grown in artificial conditions or they are extracts. Excelsior ensures that all products are compliant with Food and Drug Administration, American Herbal Products Association, and United States Pharmacopeia which means less than 5 mcg of lead / serving. Levels are often much lower and dependent on your serving size.