SuperFoods Manufacturing and Packaging Services

With Excelsior Alchemy companies are able to develop and manufacture their own custom nutritional products. 

Over 150 qualified ingredients, in house and ready to use today.
Including Whole Botanicals and Botanical extracts
(no isolates, nutraceuticals, synthetics, or excipients).

Choose from a variety of eco packaging options: 
Amber Glass Bottles, Eco Kraft Bags
and Recyclable Plastic Tubs.

Encapsulation process featuring: 
NON-GMO VeganCaps

In-house lab testing includes:
microbiology, HPTLC for botanical identity,
 pesticides, and gluten.

ISO Certified 3rd Party Lab Testing available for:
heavy metals and botanical assays.

Interested in contract manufacturing services?
Please contact us today for an overview of our services.

Excelsior Alchemy SuperFods Organic