SuperFoods Manufacturing and Packaging Services

Over 150 qualified ingredients, in house and ready to use today.
Including Whole Botanicals and Botanical extracts
(no isolates, nutraceuticals, synthetics, or excipients).

Choose from a variety of eco packaging options: 
Amber Glass Bottles, Eco Kraft Bags
and Recyclable Plastic Tubs.

With Excelsior Alchemy companies are able to develop and manufacture their own custom nutritional products.

Encapsulation process featuring:
NON-GMO VeganCaps

In-house lab testing includes:
microbiology, HPTLC for botanical identity,
 pesticides, and gluten.

ISO Certified 3rd Party Lab Testing available for:
heavy metals and botanical assays.

Interested in contract manufacturing services?
Please contact us today for an overview of our services.

Excelsior Alchemy SuperFods Organic