Excelsior Alchemy is Seeking Qualified Applicants

A job with us can be an exciting career move. We are seeking individuals who align with our core values and company culture: holistic health, whole food lifestyle, environmental consciousness, open- minded spirituality, and progressive thinking, in general. We are also looking for people who will give it their all, stretch their skills, and grow with us – both personally and professionally. We need a ‘what can I do and what else can I learn?’ attitude. We are a fast-growing company that requires its team members be flexible in their tasks as we move through growth together. What you have done in the past as far as life/work experience is highly relevant; however, what you can do NOW is the most relevant. Our workplace is chemical free and drug free, and we’re looking for people that resonate with this type of environment and can thrive with us in it. We are also an Equal Opportunity Employer for any position: male, female, young, old, any nationality, etc., just as long as your beliefs do not hinder in any way your ability to excel and fit in with the company culture. Ultimately, we are looking for dedicated, hard-working individuals who are passionate about our core values and our mission to provide top-quality nutritional supplements as we navigate this very exciting time of growth.

General Qualifications

All applicants must have:

  • a strong work ethic
  • personal integrity
  • ability to problem-solve and think critically
  • ability to think outside the box
  • ability to take direction
  • ability to speak up if something is wrong
  • ability to know when to lead and when to follow
  • ability to receive feedback and/or constructive criticism
  • a strong desire to excel
  • a strong desire to contribute to society and/or help others
  • a strong desire to help co-create the best company on the planet

Additionally (these may or may not be required depending on the position but are always desirable)

  • Passion about living a healthy, holistic, whole food, lifestyle
  • Experience working in the natural foods/supplement industry
  • Pre-existing knowledge of our company and products

Open Positions