We believe that quality begins at the source and in manufacturing we make sure we do our product right the first time. Adherence to good manufacturing practices (cGMP) is an important part of our Total Quality Management. We also would like to make sure that supplier’s ingredients were prepared, packaged and shipped to us using controlled processes conforming to Excelsior Alchemy’s requirements. The object of this self-audit is to assure delivery to us of consistently high quality ingredients and components as demonstrated by our reproducible manufacture of safe and effective products. Vendor and Supplier self-audit helps improve ingredient quality, on time delivery, increased productivity and reduced cost for all parties.


This self-audit questionnaire is intended to familiarize our suppliers with our specific requirements. Auditing our suppliers is integral to our business and our goal to attain and maintain full compliance with the FDA’s cGMP guidelines for the manufacture of dietary supplements. We feel this is a process that will benefit both Excelsior Alchemy and our suppliers. We ask for your cooperation to answer the questionnaire in a timely fashion and help us all attain our goals.

Thank you.

The Excelsior Alchemy Team